"Anita was absolutely AMAZING!! She was understanding of our abilities (or lack there of) & made us feel confident and even strengthened our relationship through the helping us learn Together and understand each other's strengths & weaknesses.

We gave her Two SHORT weeks to make our First Dance one to remember & she put in More time & effort than she even had to in order to make it flawless for us. I recommend her 10x over! She is an excellent teacher and puts her pride into her work- you will not leave unsatisfied! :)" - Micaleh and Brandon


private and group wedding dance lessons in houston, Texas

​​"Anita was the best and very patient and understanding. My father dance was an awesome experience. It's something that I will carry in my heart for ever.  I just get so emotional because it was just amazing. You will get your money worth look no more book with her now!" - Laqueta W.

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from really happy newlyweds

​​"IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR DANCE LESSONS FOR YOUR FIRST DANCE, ANITA IS THE INSTRUCTOR TO CHOOSE! My fiancé and I have had so much fun taking lessons. I love to dance but my fiancé doesn't and she worked so well with him. She was really understanding and really listened to what I wanted. I wanted a production and she sure have us one! The dance is absolutely phenomenal and it is going to be gorgeous. 

After our second lesson I told her I didn't like what we had learned and she completely redid the dance to make it go in the direction that I wanted. She even stayed a little longer the next two lessons to make up the time. 

She is SO accommodating with her scheduling. She could meet whenever we needed it. She made us feel like we were important to her and she really cared that our dance looked perfect." - Courtney and Chase

"DEAR ANITA, I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH.  MY WEDDING DANCE WAS SUCH A WONDERFUL ADDITION TO MY RECEPTION.  I did not think it would happen with my husband's two left feet, and then we met you.  I can't believe you were able to teach us to dance and perform in front of our cherished guests. We want to continue to take lessons.  With the guidance of your patient and professional teaching, it is time that we enjoy together each week."  - Beth

"ANITA IS AMAZING!!! While my (then) fiance had taken some ballroom dance classes in college, I had absolutely NO experience and trust me, I was not a natural. Anita is a fantastic teacher - she started with the basic principles and uses so many wonderful analogies when explaining these. We took 4 lessons and had Anita choreograph a simple but beautiful waltz to Adele's song Remedy. Dancing did not come easy to me but Anita was so patient and understanding and went at a pace I could follow. She's also so sweet and has such a warm and fun personality. We used our last lesson for my fiance and his mother's dance, for which Anita had also prepared a simpler choreographed dance. My fiance's mom had a great time too and enjoyed learning from her. We had a wonderful time with Anita and highly recommend her!!!" - Andrea and David

​​"ANITA IS INCREDIBLE!!! She is creative, patient, and has a fabulous personality. She made my fiancé and I feel very comfortable and confident for our first dance! We are so excited for it!!" -Chloë and Ajay​​​​

​​"My wife and i had no experience at all with dancing but had always been interested in learning. We were both nervous that we would be so bad that we would get turned away but right away Anita made us feel comfortable with not only learning our choreographed first dance but learning it in front of a complete stranger. She taught us in an easy piece by piece method which, with some practice at home, we were easily able to grasp the dance steps by the time we arrived at our next lesson to learn the next piece. 

We are honored to be chosen for 

The Knot's Best of Weddings for the last six years,

putting us in their distinguished Hall of Fame!

We did have our struggles but she was able to get us past them and eventually we were able to piece the whole dance together. Each dance lesson was enjoyable and we used them as a fun date night. Neither of us had ever done the fox trot or had any experience with swing but by the end of our lessons we were pretty good at both. We had a somewhat challenging dance that Anita prepared for us but she was able to get us to where we were prepared for our first dance. My wife and I did practice at home and Anita gave enough encouragement for us to rise up to the challenge. Anita did have easier steps that we could replace some of our more technical parts which was a relief for us, you know, just in case. Anita really cares about making your dance very special and we love the fact that we had a very personal, special first dance.

We enjoyed Anita's lessons so much we will continue to do lessons with her to learn other dances. I would highly recommend getting lessons from a Wedding Dance to Remember. We enjoyed our lessons so much we even invited her to the wedding, if that's not a great endorsement then I don't know what is. Thank you so much Anita!" - Kate and Rick

​​"​anita WAS GREAT!!
She choreographed our first dance song and taught us how to dance to it. We’ve never danced before so it was definitely something new for both of us. She works WITH you as a couple and individually on giving pointers. She’ll adjust anything throughout the song you don’t feel comfortable doing and work with you on a similar routine. She is super sweet, personable, talented and is very fun to work with. Anita knows it’s you guys day and wants it to be perfect for you! Thank you Anita!! -Gianina and Teddy

Wedding Dance to Remember

"THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING TO MAKE OUR RECEPTION SUCH A MEMORABLE OCCASION. Everyone enjoyed watching us dance and were so eager to go out and fill the dance floor. Words can’t describe how wonderful it was to dance with my father and Bill and to see our parents dance. Thank you also for the dance lessons. We appreciate how patient you have been while we learn, and for your kindness. Thanks again!"  - Rochelle and Bill

“NEITHER MY HUSBAND NOR I HAD REALLY EVER DANCED BEFORE WE MET ANITA.  We felt shy and didn’t have an ounce of confidence about our dance ability.  Rhythm might as well have been a foreign language.  Anita made us both feel comfortable and made dancing one of the most enjoyable parts of our wedding.  Our first dance was awesome!” - Laura and Tom

"THANKS ANITA!  THE GIFT I WANTED MOST TO GIVE TO MY FIANCEE WAS A DANCE AT OUR RECEPTION.  Before you helped us, my dance skills were the same as what I had in the 8th grade.  I couldn't imagine how bad I would have looked without your help.  Paula and I appreciate your patience, extra care, and encouragement while teaching us.  In no time at all you had me dancing and had Paula smiling.  I can't thank you enough for making me look like a champ!"  - James